Week 2

This is the beginning of week two! It is indeed an exciting time as I meet new people, including students. Last week I had the opportunity to visit the Whitman center in Bedford Township. It is a great facility, and we continue to leverage it to grow our enrollment from the Toledo area.

On campus, I continue to have my one-on-one meetings with faculty and I will be meeting with members of the SGA this afternoon.  Plans are well underway to constitute a President’s Advisory Group, which, will consist of representatives from administration, faculty, support staff and students; we will be meeting every other week. More on that later.

I continue to engage the community by attending as many meetings/events as I can. I am enjoying my interactions with the various businesses that are a part of the Chamber of Commerce and other business groups. This past Sunday, Rev. Blunt of Christ Love Fellowship Church gave me the pulpit to speak to her congregation about my life story and the importance of education. Some congregation members have decided to enroll at MCCC because of that connection. I never refuse an opportunity to represent my college at any event.

As we approach the beginning of a new semester, and I am excited! I look forward to working with ALL of you to make this a great year!


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