Doc Holladay — 45 years of Dedicated Service to MCCC

Dear Colleagues,

Since my arrival at MCCC almost one month ago, I have heard more positive comments about “Doc Holladay” than I have about anyone else. This man is not only a legend, he is also a jewel! It is incredible that he has served MCCC almost since it was founded 50 years ago; and he is still going strong. To say Doc Holladay deserves special recognition for his 45 years of service to MCCC is an understatement. As a former faculty member, I know how challenging it is to teach underprepared students; Dr. Holladay is an expert at that. I have had the privilege and honor of meeting one-on-one with Doc Holladay, and I was struck by his humility and modesty.

Please join me in congratulating Doc Holladay for 45 years of service to MCCC. Doc, I look forward to serving MCCC with you for the next several years. Here’s to you, Doc Holladay! Congratulations!



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