A Message from President Kojo to OUR faculty — We Appreciate You!

My Dear Faculty,

Yesterday was the first day of class. It was exciting to see all those young faces moving across campus, and experience the enthusiasm and fervor of our students and faculty. I was pleased to join the maintenance team at 7:30 a.m. as we stood outside the various buildings to direct students and give them goodies.

The most exciting and rewarding experience for me had to do with my classroom visits. I visited several classes – from English and Accounting to Nursing and Welding – to introduce myself to the students and, in some instances, to tell my story, which I hope is inspirational. While I did not tell my story to every class, I did encourage students to persist, study hard and stay the course. It is important for us to get that message out to these young and impressionable individuals. I hope that the faculty also found my message inspirational for them as they attempt to mold and shape these young minds.

As a 30-plus year educator and former full-time faculty member, I realize that the most important work we do in our classrooms is to inspire and motivate our students, regardless of circumstances, to believe in themselves. The work that you, the faculty, do here at MCCC is important work and for that, I say thank you! As the new president, I am sure I speak for other administrators here at MCCC when I say, we appreciate and value you. I look forward to working with you as we take MCCC to the next level together.




One thought on “A Message from President Kojo to OUR faculty — We Appreciate You!

  1. I have attended 5 different college institutions getting my degrees and I can say with confidence that the best professors I had were at Monroe County Community College. Yes, we are very proud of our professors! Linda Lauer MCCC Trustee

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