Motivating OUR Students to Stay the Course

I will begin this blog posting by simply saying that: my name is Kojo and I am an educator.
Today, I had the pleasure of visiting some additional classes to further encourage and motivate students to stay the course. It is important for ALL of us, not just our faculty and counselors, to constantly and consistently encourage our students to persist. Research indicates that upwards of 20 percent of community college students drop out within the first two weeks of school. We must not allow that to happen at MCCC. There is no doubt in my mind that if ALL of us continue to encourage OUR students, we will positively impact persistence, retention, and ultimately completion. So, every time you interact with a student, please show greater interest and encourage the student to stay and complete. I will be everywhere on campus encouraging, motivating and inspiring our students to dream, hope and believe; that belief must first and foremost be in themselves as we enrich their lives, positively impact their families, and transform entire communities, because, that is what educators do.
My name is Kojo and I am an educator


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