New MCCC TV Show — “Education Matters”

Monroe County Community College has developed a half-hour, monthly television show that will run on Monroe County Public Access Cable Television. It will be called “Education Matters” and will be hosted by yours truly. We taped the first show yesterday. It featured a monologue by me, including the “breaking out” of my “Educations Box”, and an interview with Peter Coomar, Dean of the Applied Science, Engineering and Technology Division, as well as footage of the Career Technology Center. It also included a segment introducing the upcoming “encore” events season at the La-Z-Boy Center.

We are now in post-production, and the show will debut later this month or early next month. We will promote the time slots for the show once we have them nailed down via social media, e-mail and the news media, as well as through a link from our home page.

Special thanks to my team who have undergone 16 -20 hours of training over three weeks to bring this to fruition. These individuals are: Victoria McIntyre, Josh Myers, Joe Verkennes, Sean Macdonald, Dan Shaw. Also thanks to Milward Beaudry of MPACT, and Casey Watterworth of CK productions. Finally, thanks also to Peter for willing to be the first guest; he did a great job!

In the future, I would love to have our faculty showcasing their programs and talents on this show.

Stay tuned! We will keep you updated.


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