Holistic Placement

Last year, I heard a nationally renowned expert on college placement say that the way we do college placement “is criminal!” We ask students to take one test, for which they in most instances are not prepared, on what could be a “bad day,” and then label those students “remedial.” This is not only unfair to the students, it is also unfair to colleges as they continue to push for increased student success and completion. Truth be told, had I not prepared for my own placement test many years ago as I entered college, I most definitely would have been placed in remedial math.

In that light, I am asking that we form a task force to develop a holistic placement strategy to be implemented in the winter semester. The strategy would include a more comprehensive assessment of a student’s abilities prior to placement in a remedial course. These abilities would include a non-cognitive assessment of the student’s motivation as measured by the Success Navigator (an ETS instrument), the student’s high school GPA, COMPASS test score (after preparation), and perhaps a human-graded writing sample.

Dr. Grace Yackee and V.P. Randy Daniels will contact you to solicit your assistance with this project.

I look forward to working with you as we continue to enrich lives and take MCCC to the next level together.


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