MCCC: A Great Community Resource

MCCC is a great community resource; I am sure we are all aware of that. Not only are we educating the citizens of Monroe County and beyond, but we are providing extraordinary cultural and entertainment events.

Just last week, I was privileged to have taken part in two of these events: “the Gathering” and the “1964 Tribute.” The Gathering is a dining event sponsored by the River Raisin Institute. Our Culinary students, under the leadership of Chef Kevin Thomas, gather food from throughout the County and prepare meals. It was a veritable feast!
Later that evening, I had the privilege of attending the “1964 Tribute,” the first season entertainment event at the La-Z-Boy Center. The Beatles impersonators sounded very much like the Beatles themselves; it was great entertainment.

So, as we go about the business of enriching lives through teaching, we also take time to enrich lives culturally and musically. This is all part of the educational process as MCCC continues to serve the Monroe County community.


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