Leadership Decisions and Change

Leadership is all about decision-making. As leaders, the decisions we make impact entire organizations. As the president, I realize that the decisions I make impact all employees at MCCC. Some decisions are much more impactful than others – some may be popular, others unpopular, but that is the nature of leadership. It is important to note that in all my decision-making, there are NO instances where I put myself first. It is always about the institution, NEVER about me. With new leadership comes change, which is sometimes difficult and uncomfortable. When change comes, how we adapt to it is what determines our ability to be successful. I encourage anyone who is uncomfortable with any decisions I make to feel comfortable to stop by and have a conversation with me. I am sure we may both learn something from these conversations.

As an institution, we must brace ourselves for additional changes, some of which will be uncomfortable and difficult but positively impactful for MCCC.


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