Nelson Mandela — Lessons in Peace, Humility, Civility, Respect, and Trust.

Dear MCCC Family,

This week, the world lost one of the greatest men who have ever lived – Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela was an icon. Mandela was a unique human being who epitomized the very essence of forgiveness and reconciliation. He was incarcerated for 27 years for advocating for the rights of his people in his own country. While in prison, he lost his son and was unable to attend the funeral or mourn properly. After he emerged from prison, he ascended to the presidency and utilized his authority to affect change in a racially divided nation. The South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which he formed, did indeed bring about peace and reconciliation in a nation on the precipice of civil unrest.

It took the death of Nelson Mandela to see Presidents Obama and Raoul Castro, sworn enemies, sharing the same stage. How ironic. We can all learn from Nelson Mandela, a man who espoused peace, humility, civility, respect, and trust. May his soul rest in peace.


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