Cherish the Moments


Yesterday, we hosted another panel discussion on campus. Why do we do these things? Simply because as the center of intellectual excellence in this county, we are supposed to be the vanguards when it comes to any hot topics of interest. Yesterday’s panel was on the heroin epidemic in Monroe County. I suspect there were at least 50 community members in attendance. We had a blue ribbon panel consisting of two of our own, and the mayor and county prosecutor were in attendance.

We heard some heart-wrenching stories from individuals who had lost children to heroin overdoses; one of those families was one of our own. We must do all we can to arrest this epidemic that is plaguing our community and stealing our loved ones. As one who has personally experienced the unexpected death of a younger brother;  I know the misery that death brings. I imagine that it is especially painful when one has to bury a child – I saw that when my mother had to bury my brother. All of us have experienced or will experience the death of a loved one at some point in time, so let us cherish them while they are here with us.

Please enjoy the Holidays with your families. Happy Holidays!


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