50-50-50… 50 Plan in Celebration of MCCC’s 50th Anniversary

Sometimes I wonder if individuals out there read this blog. I know there are a few friends who do, but are others reading? Well, readership or not, I will keep blogging for those who read. In honor of MCCC’s 50th anniversary celebration, I am putting together a 50-50-50… 50 Plan. Just what is that, you ask? It is my intention to commit, from February 1 through June 30, 2014, to taking 50 specific actions, be involved in 50 activities, and yes post 50 messages on my blog. Some of these activities will include: 50 high school visits, 50 MCCC classroom visits, 50 community appearances/corporate visits, 50 new recruits (based on my efforts), 50 new community partners/champions, 50 MCCC champions/friends (sign up for my blog, please), and 50 blog posts (did I say that already?)
Please let me know of 50 other activities you would like me to be involved in or if you think this is a lame-brained idea. Please join me as we celebrate 50 years of serving this wonderful community. Here’s to 50 more!


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