Demystifying Africa: Did You Know?

Yesterday, I had an opportunity to present on “Demystifying Africa: Common Myths and Misconceptions about Africa”. This was part of the Black History Month series of activities. There were members of the community who braved the weather to attend the presentation at 12:30 p.m.
I am sure that many of those who attended learned some facts about Africa. Why is that important? Because knowledge is important; the more knowledge we have, the more educated we are. I showed numerous pictures of African cities, which are as modern as Chicago or Detroit. Besides that, I provided a list of some common myths about Africa. Below are three of these examples:
1. Myth: Africa is poor
Fact: Africa has a wealth of natural resources, including oil, gold, diamonds, and is probably the most naturally endowed continent. The problem has been mismanagement and theft of those resources.

2. Myth: There are wild animals and jungles all over Africa
Fact: There are some jungles and animals, but not everywhere. I spent the first 10 years of my life and five of my teenage years in Africa, and the only time I ever saw a wild animal was on the weekends when my daddy took us to the zoo – we saw the lions and tigers in cages.

3. Myth: tigers live in Africa
Fact: A tiger is an Asian cat; they are not indigenous to Africa. So, next time you see a tiger in a Tarzan movie, you will know that it escaped from a zoo.

Please look out for other upcoming events.


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