Heroin Epidemic in Monroe County and the Nation – What Can MCCC Do?

With the recent death of actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman from a heroin overdose, there is a sudden realization that heroin addiction is a national issue. This has been the major discussion by television pundits and prognosticators over the course of the last two weeks.
We in Monroe have been battling this problem for some time now. Heroin addiction is an epidemic in Monroe. So serious is this issue in our county that there are task forces and various efforts by the courts and law enforcement to try to stem the tide. The problem is a serious one, which will not go away. It appears Monroe is a microcosm of the nation when it comes to heroin abuse.
As the center of higher education in Monroe County, and as I like to say, the ”center of intellectual excellence”, what are we at Monroe County Community College doing about this epidemic that is shaking the very fabric of our community and threatening our very existence? Here at MCCC, we have employees who have lost family members to heroin overdoses. I know because I have heard the personal stories and seen the tears. How do we stem the tide?
In an attempt to help, we have hosted the Drug Summit, held our own Heroin Forum, and offered Nar-Anon a place to meet here on campus. I am sure there is much more that we as an institution can do in terms of education and prevention, but what? I am soliciting ideas and suggestions on additional programming, courses, and/or just about anything to better serve our community.


4 thoughts on “Heroin Epidemic in Monroe County and the Nation – What Can MCCC Do?

  1. As an employee of MCCC, and educational institution, I wonder about the possibility of offering a group of classes covering different aspects of, not just heroin addition, but addiction in general. Topics could include: how do you know if you or a loved one are an addict? what signs to look for in addiction? how can the addict or family/friends of addicts get help? Ideally these would be free. There may be issues of accessibility, so maybe host them throughout the County? I know MCCC has a psychology club, maybe they could get involved in some way?

  2. Student Government is working with the local drug coalition and will be setting up an information table and doing awareness posters.

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