“Education Matters” TV Show

The name of the MCCC television show on Public Access TV is “Education Matters” because education is important and everything we discuss on the program focuses on education. When I thought about doing a TV show, it took me two seconds to come up with that title. Very appropriate, if you ask me.
Last week we taped our fourth episode. My guests were Dr. Joanna Sabo, MCCC Professor of Political Science and Professor Dan Shaw, Professor of Journalism. Dr. Sabo talked about the MCCC Travel Abroad Program and the upcoming trip (2015) to Western Europe. Professor Shaw discussed the “One Book One Community” Project and the current book The Distance between Us by Reyna Grande.
I encourage all of you to tune in and watch the show by accessing it on our website or by watching public TV. The show is designed and intended to promote MCCC to the community and provide programs that further educate the entire county.
We are currently seeking new ideas and guests for our next taping, so please let me know if you have any suggestions. Remember: education matters!


2 thoughts on ““Education Matters” TV Show

  1. Well, we all know I’m on the lowest rung of the totem pole here, my classes are always filled with many students looking for an easy couple of credits…and I don’t care because when they leave my class they KNOW how to step forward in the event of an emergency and give help…So, with a little preparation and a couple students, I could offer ten minutes or so of Compression Only CPR and encourage the audience to take the full Responding to Emergencies course where we learn so much more! And, working people who need to satisfy a MIOSHA requirement or want to learn more to protect their own family & friends…they receive the full American Heart certification as well as college credits. Just a thought. And I’m glad to see you so involved in your new community!

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