Below is a draft of the “50-50-50… for the 50th Campaign” that I blogged on last week.
I am soliciting suggestions for more”50’s” before releasing this to the press. Please respond to this or my previous blog to join me as one of our ’50 Champions”. I will record progress on my blog and on Facebook. None of this is doable without your help and support.



Quartey Leading Ambitious Series of Initiatives to Commemorate College’s 50th Year

MONROE, Mich. – Monroe County Community College has launched an ambitious internal and external and community relations campaign in honor of its 50th anniversary.
The campaign, entitled “50-50-50…for the 50th,” is being led by the college’s president, Dr. Kojo A. Quartey. It includes an extensive series of relationship-building and community awareness activities that all have one number in common: 50.
Between now and the exact date of MCCC’s 50th anniversary – June 24 – Dr. Quartey will complete numerous 50-50-50…for the 50th initiatives. He will:
• Make 50 appearances at high schools throughout the region
• Complete 50 speaking engagements in the community
• Visit 50 MCCC classes
• Write 50 posts on his blog,
• Participate in 50 volunteer activities in the community
• Make 50 external contacts via appearances at service organizations and community events
• Visit 50 companies and non-profit organizations throughout the region
• Have 50 individual conversations with members of the MCCC faculty and staff
• Develop relationships with 50 community “champions” who will advocate for MCCC
• Develop relationships with 50 campus-based “champions” who will assist with various activities
• Develop relationships with 50 new donors
• Meet and interact with 50 MCCC alumni
• Have conversations with 50 students over the age of 50
• Receive 50 comments on his blog
• Create an MCCC presidential Facebook profile and add 50 new friends
• Compile 50 success stories from current and former MCCC students
• Make 50 media appearances via MCCC-generated media such as the college’s television program, “Education Matters,” and traditional electronic and print media
• Engage 50 MCCC students in individual conversations
In addition, Quartey has pledged to personally donate $50 per day for the next 50 days to The Foundation at Monroe County Community College’s Enhancement Grants Program, which assists faculty, staff and students by providing funding for the development and implementation of innovative projects that support the MCCC mission.
He will then donate $50 per day for another 50 days to The Foundation at MCCC and allocate the funds as unrestricted gifts, which will allow them to be doubled through a federal Title III grant.
In the coming months, MCCC will release its top 50 accomplishments in the last year, followed by a list of the top 50 accomplishments in the history of the college.

Quartey will log his progress on the 50-50-50…for the 50th Campaign on the wall in his office.
MCCC has been celebrating its 50th anniversary year since the current fiscal year began July 1.
The Monroe County Community College District was formed on June 29, 1964, by the electors of Monroe County. On July 3, 1964, the district was given statutory authority under the provisions of Michigan Act 188 of the Public Acts of 1955 to function as a community college.
Quartey is seeking additional input on any other “50-related” activities he could perform. Suggestions should be sent to him via email at or by responding to his blog post last week about the 50-50-50…for the 50th Campaign.
A community-wide celebration event to recognize MCCC’s 50th anniversary is being planned for early summer. A date for the event, which will be sponsored by The Foundation at MCCC, is still being determined.


One thought on “MCCC LAUNCHES ‘50-50-50…FOR THE 50TH’ CAMPAIGN

  1. I am a proud alum of MCCC and I would be happy to write my success story. I would not be a health care professional nor a business owner if not for the excellent professors and courses at MCCC! I have attended 5 different institutions getting various degrees, and the best teachers I encountered were at MCCC!

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