MCCC: the Center of Intellectual Excellence

If you have listened to any of my public comments, I am sure you have heard me say that we are the only higher educational institution in the county (Siena Heights and Eastern are on our campus, so they are a part of us in this county). That then makes MCCC the center of intellectual excellence in this county. Ladies and gents, that is why I continue to plan and have community-impacting conversations on campus. We MUST lead these conversations. If we do not, who will?

Last night I led a discussion on “Blacks and the American Dream” as part of our Black History Month series. Two days prior to that was a discussion on “Black Role Models in Monroe” (which made the front page of our local paper). Both were well attended by members of our community. We have led discussions on Native Americans, the heroin epidemic, and entrepreneurship, among others. If it concerns our community, we must lead it.

Next Month is National Women’s History Month and we must lead events and discussions concerning women. I need your assistance in planning and developing topics. Please suggest topics by commenting on my blog so we can plan accordingly.

Thank you for supporting education in Monroe County.


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