The Power of Teamwork!

Last Friday, we had several legislators on campus for the Legislative Hearings. Due to the power of teamwork, it came off without a hitch — just as I expected.
The legislators were: Senator Darwin Booher, Senator Glenn Anderson, Representative Paul Muxlow, Representative Anthony Forlini,Representative Adam Zemke, Representative Dale Zorn and Representative Bill LaVoy. We thank them for gracing our campus with their presence.
Please join me in thanking and congratulating those who made the Legislative Hearings on campus last Friday a success. It was a joy to behold ALL of us ā€“ administrators, support staff, and faculty working together to bring something of this magnitude to fruition.
Special thanks to the ASET faculty: Donald Kehrer, Dr. Dean Kerste, Alex Babycz , Thomas Harrill, Bob Leonard, Mike Taylor, Edward Baltrip, Michael Northern ,Martin Dubois, Dr. Roop Chandel , Michael Reaume, Jack Larmor, Kayla Beard, Dean Peter Coomar and the ASET students, Tracy and Wyatt, for a job well done. They all came together to make this happen just before Spring Break. What dedication!
Thanks also go out to the Maintenance crew and Technology Department for setting up the rooms, and to Josh Myers and Sue Wetzel for putting together my comments, and Joe Verkennes for the publicity.
My appreciation also goes to Chefs Kevin Thomas, and Vicki LaValle as well as Dean Paul Knollman for the culinary delights we all partook of on that day. Oh, what a sumptuous meal it was!
I would be remiss if I did not say a special thank you to our student, Logan Jacobs, for his excellent testimony ā€“ we should all be proud of this young man.
Such collaborative success reminds me every day why I am in the field of education. Once again, obrigado, asante, xie xie, domawu, spasibo, gracie, merci, danka, gracias, arrigato, mi dawasi, thank you for a job well done!


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