Current Affairs Lecture Series

Conduct a search of Monroe County and you will find only one college/university that freshmen can attend. That is Monroe County Community College. MCCC, as I continue to say repeatedly, is the center of intellectual excellence in Monroe County. I challenge anyone to find another place in the entire county that has the intellectual breadth and depth of Monroe County Community College. The hospital has hundreds of medical doctors and nurses, but they are, for the most part (with all due respect), uni-dimensional — they are experts in various fields of medicine/science only. Here at MCCC, we have experts in all areas — from archeology and anthropology to zoology and zymology.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is where the county’s brainpower resides. This is an enormous responsibility, which must not be taken lightly. It is our responsibility to intellectually edify this county. Some recent efforts in this area include the MCCC Speakers Bureau, the” Education Matters” TV show, my monthly column in our local paper, and the numerous events focused on specific months. The two latest efforts are: the monthly “MCCC Current Affairs Lecture Series” and the “MCCC Cultural and Diversity Lecture Series.”
I cannot help but continue to inspire and pique our intellectual curiosities with new and innovative programs that serve to educate and enrich our community. Why? Because we are a community college and I am an educator.


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