Please Support your Colleagues

Numerous events occur on campus during and after hours. I do my very best to be at as many as I can. Currently, there are events around One Book One Community; I have been at most of those events. At these events, I see more community support than campus support — there needs to be both. The individuals (your colleagues) who organize these activities put a lot of time and effort into it; they deserve your support.
This month is Women’s History Month, please support the activities. Last Month was Black History Month; there was considerable community and student support. We will continue to organize activities and events, which bring our campus and community together. We hope you will join us as we educate and inform our community and continue to transform and enrich lives — one college, one community, one mission — we are all a part of that.


One thought on “Please Support your Colleagues

  1. I want to publicly thank President Kojo for helping to get Native American, Women, and African American history months off with so much success this academic year. This would not have happened without your leadership.

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