Sharing, Relationships, Crime, Earthquakes, Clocks, Dye, and Blood

I know you are wondering, “what the heck is he blogging on this time?” Well, I could have simply entitled this blog “my recent classroom visits,” but that would not be as interesting of a topic. Now try reading the topic without the first comma — that would be even more interesting.
As you know, I make classroom visits as often as I can. Just this week, I have had the opportunity to visit almost 20 classes. I visited Prof. Stephen Fried’s Economics class where I immersed myself in a discussion about sharing goods, when the marginal (additional) cost is zero –as an economist, I understood that and appreciated the students’ perspectives. I dropped in Prof. Mark Bergmooser’s Interpersonal Communications class where the students were roleplaying relationship communications; quite fun and interesting. I stopped by Prof. Penny Dunn’s Criminal Justice Class where part of the discussion was on the use of force to deter crime; I will continue to walk the straight and narrow. I went to Prof. Lisa Scarpelli’s class where faults, which cause earthquakes and mountain formations, were being discussed; I should have taken notes. I swung by Prof. Tom Harrill’s Electronics class where the students were building digital clocks; I was clueless. My last visit, yesterday, was to Prof. Nick Prush’s Respiratory Therapy laboratory where students were working on mannequins, simulating drawing blood; fortunately, they were using a red dye, not real blood, so I did not pass out.
It is refreshing to interact with students who are learning by discussing and doing. The more of this I do, the more I realize why I love my job so much. Kudos to all our faculty for teaching so well; that is what community colleges like MCCC do – we teach well to transform and enrich lives.


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