Honors Convocation and Culinary Commencement

There is so much happening on campus as we get closer to graduation. This week alone, we have had several very interesting events, including last night’s Honors Convocation and the Culinary Commencement just before that. This evening is the Siena Heights Commencement and next week is our own Commencement.

 Last night’s Honors Convocation was a great opportunity for us to acknowledge the students and faculty who have earned honors by dint of their hard work and academic achievements. Congratulations to all the winners, we are proud of you.

 The Culinary Commencement was an opportunity to say farewell to our culinary students who have fed me so well over the last nine months. As these students completed their studies, they again provided us with many delectable culinary delights. Perhaps, I should have included as part of my 50-50-50 for the 50th, gaining 50 pounds over 50 days; that would have been an easy goal to achieve given how well I have been fed with the buffets and at Cuisine 1300. Chefs Kevin and Vicki taught them well. Congratulations to our culinary students who have now earned the title of “chef.” I look forward to seeing these budding entrepreneurs at their own restaurants very soon.



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