Commencement: I appreciate ALL of You!

Last week, I experienced my first Commencement at MCCC. It went off without a hitch. All I had to do was show up and read a prepared script – I was able to do that. Our first president, Dr. Ron Campbell was his usual eloquent self as he delivered the address, our alumnus from the first graduating class, Kathy King Zibbell was great, and our Alumnus of the year, radio personality, Paul W. Smith personalized his brief speech when he spoke of the loss of his brother. As one who has lost a brother, I felt his pain and could commiserate.

 The Commencement would not have been possible without the many individuals who worked tirelessly for months to bring it to fruition. This includes the V.P. for Instruction, Dr. Yackee, who wrote my script, Tracey Vogt and her team in the Registrar’s Office, the Maintenance Staff who set up, the faculty who taught the students, the various other departments/staff who supported in a variety of ways.

 I want to express my appreciation to all of you. MCCC is a very good institution, and through our collaborative efforts, we can make it a great institution. Please keep up the good work and let me know of any concerns you may have. Together, we can we can lift our entire community to the next level. Once again, obrigado, xie xie, arrigato, asante, dya-koo-yu, danka, gracie, spasibo, gracias, merci, damawo, midawasi, thank you, I sure do appreciate y’all!



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