What’s on My Mind? Sorrow and Joy — Cherish the Joyous Moments

As human beings, we all experience a variety of emotions, some sad, some happy, some indifferent. The Deep sadness comes when we lose a loved one: last week one of our own experienced that loss – the loss of a grandchild. Since I arrived just over nine months ago, the MCCC family has lost many loved ones. Some have lost their children, some have lost parents, and others have lost other relatives and friends. I personally have lost two of my aunts during this period. Yes, loss brings sadness. We mourn with all those who have lost loved ones send our prayers and thoughts out to them in their time of sorrow. However, we must not dwell on the sorrow.

Beyond the sadness, there is still hope and there are times of joy. Joy comes from the birth of a new baby, for example. The MCCC family has experienced several new births in these few months. Yes, life springs eternal where there is hope, and with that comes joy. I recall three recent personal joyous events involving children (I love them): our future. I was moderating a panel discussion when the two-year-old of a student walked in (with his mother, of course). When he saw me, he came directly to me and stretched out his arms for the pick-up, without blinking an eye, I scooped him up and held him throughout most of the program (we know each other). It was a joyous moment for me. Just last week I stopped by a kindergarten class at Custer Elementary to surprise the 5-year-old of our work study student; the child was so excited to see me that we interrupted class as I picked her up and hugged her several times. It was a joyous moment. Then there is my own 12-year-old who is visiting for a couple of weeks. Every moment with him is a joyous moment.

When tragedies come, no one should begrudge us our tears and sorrow. When the joyous moments come, we should hold on to them and cherish them; they help us get through those melancholic times. Let us hope and pray for more joyous moments.  


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