The Entrepreneurial Educator

The word “entrepreneur” is a French word, which means undertaker — a person who undertakes a venture for the purpose of earning a profit. The very first organized “school” of economists, the French Physiocrats, coined this term, perhaps because they believed that profiteers were essentially non-productive or sterile individuals who benefited at the expense of others.
That said, we know today that entrepreneurs are not sterile, and are largely responsible for income generation in the global economy. Entrepreneurs are the innovators and creators who make the world go round.
Educators are those individuals who impart knowledge to others. I have always believed that education and entrepreneurship are the two E’s that lead to economic development and growth. The two are not mutually exclusive. The best type of educator is one who is creative, risk-preferred, innovative, nimble, agile, and quick. However, education, by its very nature, tends to be methodical, regimented, risk-averse, calculated, and slow. So, educators do not tend to be very entrepreneurial in nature.
Would it not be great if we could marry these two E’s? That would mean educators who continually and constantly think out-of-the-box. Yes, creative, innovative and agile educators who are willing to take risks to provide better education to those individuals thirsting for knowledge. Individuals who constantly ask questions that lead to answers about how we make something happen, not why we cannot make it happen.
If we do not fit that description of an entrepreneurial educator, then that is what we should aspire to be.


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