The Power of Positive Thinking

What has been on my mind the last several days? Simply put, having a positive attitude about life –the power of positive thinking. It is part of my DNA, my upbringing, and my spirituality. I always have a positive attitude about everything significant! If I did not, I would not have survived the Washington DC public school system; I would not have made it through high school; I would not have made it in the inner city of Baltimore after leaving home at 19; I would not have survived the rats in the Baltimore ghettoes; I would not have completed my bachelor’s degree in less than three years; I would not have survived being homeless after I moved to Mississippi to pursue a Ph.D. degree; and I would not be where I am today. That is my story, a positive one. That is how I live my life and that is how I do my work.

All of us could stand a little more positive thinking. I cannot imagine any coach, or for that matter, players on any sports team going into a game thinking they are going to lose. In terms of more recent international events, I cannot imagine that the U.S. soccer team ever conceived of losing to the great soccer nation of Ghana, who had knocked them out of the last two World Cups. The USA won because they believed they could and would win, and they did, even though they were outplayed.
I have always said that as an educator, the most important responsibility that I have is to get students to dream big dreams, keep hope alive, and believe first and foremost in themselves – that is the educator’s greatest responsibility – inspiring and motivating students. Inspiring and motivating his/her team is also the coach’s/leader’s greatest responsibility. In order for the leader to be successful at motivating the team, each team member must have that internal confidence/belief. That is what makes organizations successful and moves them from good to great.

MCCC family, we must remain positive in these challenging times. We must believe that we can be and will be successful in our recruitment, retention, fund raising, and millage efforts. We must ALL have a positive attitude.


2 thoughts on “The Power of Positive Thinking

  1. These are the words I like to read and hear! That’s what has been inspiring me and encouraging me the most! Thank you for posting!

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