Serving the Underserved

Serving the underserved is essentially a key mission of community colleges. In many instances, community colleges such as MCCC take students who would not be successful elsewhere, shapes, and molds them to compete globally.
In the past two weeks MCCC has continued the tradition of serving the underserved with the Learning Bank Commencement and the Upward Bound completion ceremony. The Learning Bank provides many individuals with the opportunity to complete their GED, which, is a credential of economic value. My own father earned a GED at the age of 42. Upward Bound is another service program that focuses on first generation college students. While in high school, these students are given the opportunity to receive the appropriate training that prepares them for success in college and in life. I was part of an Upward Bound bridge program in my freshman year in college.
If MCCC did not serve these underserved students, then who would? While we cannot be all things to all people, we can certainly be something to the underserved population of Monroe County. Like anyone else, they deserve the opportunity to have their lives enriched – that is our mission.


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