It’s Millage Time!

I have not posted on my blog for over a month now. So, it is about time that I did so. Over that period of a month, I did take a couple of weeks of vacation time — very necessary for decompression and life/work balance purposes. Also during that time, I have attended conferences in Traverse City and Boyne Mountain and traveled to Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma. There has also been a State of the College Address to the Community (my first). There have been the corporate visits and the continuation of the “50-50-50, for the 50th” campaign, among other things. Lest I forget, also during that time, we have held Board meetings, met with consultants, and planned a millage campaign. Now, as we continue to plan for the millage, we continue to seek input from all constituencies. Over the course of the next week, we will solicit millage ideas from faculty, staff, students, the Board, and other stakeholders.

The millage polling shows that the community is positive about MCCC and would likely support a millage. That is good news. However, in order to secure victory, we will need everyone’s help. Please join me as we campaign for our millage, which will ensure that MCCC continues to transform and enrich lives in Monroe County and beyond.

Please see our website for additional information. It’s millage time and we need your help!


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