The Most Important Day of Class — Day One!

The most important day of class is the first day of class. As a former economics professor, I knew that was the day to really impress and capture the students’ attention. That was the day that I reviewed the syllabus, and attempted to really inspire and motivate students. As educators, the most important work we do at institutions like MCCC is inspiring and motivating students to dream, to hope, and to believe, primarily in themselves.

I read somewhere that community colleges lose up to 20 percent of their students during the first week of classes; I believe that. While I am not teaching now, I spend time visiting classes to try to motivate and inspire students. I visited several classes on the first day of classes last week and have visited a few today (between meetings). I had the opportunity to sit in Professor Lana Shryock’s Web Design class last week. I participated and actually created my first webpage in her class. Needless to say, that class is off to a great start. I left her class feeling motivated and inspired to begin building webpages (not exactly), but I did have a greater amount of technological self-confidence.

I encourage all educators to continue teaching and motivating on day one, and I encourage students to take their classes seriously from day one. That is the how we can ultimately ensure STUDENT SUCCESS.


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