How to Change the World

Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the greatest weapon with which we can change the world.” We must continue to invest in education if we want to change the world. Recently, I have been speaking at every function I attend (when allowed to), I am doing radio, television, and the street corners too. What am I speaking on? I am, simply put, selling education! The cure for ignorance, the cure for poverty, the key to success, the great equalizer, and the road map to prosperity. That is what I am selling!
Now, having said that, those who know me probably are aware that I am as apolitical and non-partisan as they come. I eschew politics to the extent that I can and only deal with politics in economic terms. I have never run for political office and do not plan to. Now I find myself heavily involved in a form of politicking. Why? Because I want to change the world, I want to transform and enrich lives; I want to make a difference in my community. How do we change the world? We must begin at home. We must continue to believe in and invest in education, realizing its transformative power. As we invest in education, our community will gradually begin to rise to the next level, which will then have a positive impact on its residents and businesses and the entire world — community by community. That is where it all begins.

An investment in education will change the world; we have the weapon, let’s use it!


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