Millage News

The MCCC millage is what I am living and breathing these days, as we approach Nov. 4 – election day. On this campus alone, we have a potential 3,000 plus votes! That can make or break any election in a town such as Monroe. It is imperative that we go out, vote, and encourage our students to vote also. It is a civic right and responsibility for which many have died.
I have been speaking everywhere I can about this millage. The last one we asked for was 34 years ago, and it passed by one vote! Yes, one vote! What does that mean? Every vote counts. I have spoken to every civic group in Monroe – Kiwanis, Exchange, Rotary, Altrusa, Soroptimist, and several leadership and political organizations. I have visited and spoken to three senior citizen groups and to anyone who will listen to my story about the value of MCCC to this community. We are the only college in this county and as MCCC goes, so goes Monroe County – this county would not be what it is without MCCC and it cannot rise to the “next level” without MCCC. Most people understand that.
Believe it or not, I have received no negative feedback and do not expect any because individuals in this county realize the value of higher education. Next week, I begin visiting our libraries to speak to and hear from anyone who shows up; perhaps that is where I will hear some negatives, but I do not expect to.
Monroe County believes in and has supported MCCC for the last fifty years, and I expect them to continue supporting MCCC for another 50 times 50 times 50. MCCC is this county’s college and come November 4, county residents will show why they founded this college 50 years ago.


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