Ebola — too Deadly to Mischaracterize

Last night we had a presentation on the Ebola virus. Dr. Phillip Wahr and Dr. Maris Fonseca provided excellent information on the biological aspects of Ebola; I spoke to the political, humanistic, and sociological implications. Yesterday’s presentation is an example of how collaboration can help MCCC further educate, edify, and illuminate this entire community.

As I listen to and read media reports on this deadly plague, I continue to be incensed by the media reports. Why? This disease continues to be mischaracterized as affecting “West Africa” and “Africa.” That is wrong! Ebola is not impacting “West Africa”, the current outbreak is concentrated in ONLY three countries – Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea (NOT West Africa), there are several other countries in West Africa with no outbreaks (my family lives in Ghana, West Africa, where there has not been a single incident of Ebola). Also, please realize that Ebola is a serious plague/disease and is not a joking matter – people are dying and we need to keep them in our thoughts and prayers.


One thought on “Ebola — too Deadly to Mischaracterize

  1. That journalists continue to distort the news through thoughtless shortcuts and generalizations is also a educational problem. I see the same problem in reporting concerning Ukraine. Thank you.

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