“Fires Burning our People”

So, what’s on my mind?  Over the last few weeks, MCCC has lost a millage, I have visited classes, made comments at events, interacted with students, faculty, staff and many others, and contemplated what our next “Current Affairs Series” discussion should be. I am not sure, but I do know what’s in the news.

The world we live in is full of so much strife – protests in New York, riots in Ferguson, people dying of Ebola in some parts of West Africa, beheadings in the Middle East, not to speak of the natural disasters that continue to devastate many parts of this planet. All that brings to mind, a song recorded by the Nigerian artist, Sunny Okoson, “Fire in Soweto”. Okoson recorded this song in 1977 as a protest against apartheid. It begins with the lines, “Fire in Soweto, burning all my people, fire in Angola, a burning all my people, riot in Mozambique, affecting all my people, fighting in Namibia, crushing all my people….”

Okoson’s words are especially apropos in light of the recent shootings and killings here in our own U.S.A – our people are dying. Even here in Monroe, with the drug epidemic and other issues – our people are dying. We have already had a forum on “Ferguson and Beyond”, and just this week we held a “Drug Summit”; I am unsure how edifying or illuminating another discussion on the “fires” around our nation would be. What is important at this time is that we keep all those individuals who are being consumed by these “fires” in   our thoughts and prayers.


2 thoughts on ““Fires Burning our People”

  1. And, in Ukraine, what may be the beginning of a third world war as Russian continues to invade and put pressure on the West. . . .

  2. I agree with you on this, even though there is all this up hevil, if we just look around us here in Monroe we can see good. there will always be something to hear about in the news to keep us worried or upset, but we can NOT let it take away who we are as a small community. There are so many good hearts in Monroe, and around the world. we just have to keep our chins up and keep moving forward

    Pam Manning

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