Embrace, Engage, Educate!

Happy New Year, everyone! A new year (and semester) has begun. Last year was a challenging year for some of us professionally as well as personally. Some of us lost loved ones (myself not excepted). There were those who celebrated the Holidays after just having lost a close relative. Just this week, I sent notice to the MCCC family about three of our own who buried their loved ones close to the Holidays. It is important for us to keep them in our thoughts and prayers. On the professional front, we continue to adjust to the loss of our millage (budget challenges), enrollment declines and curriculum issues.

Whatever be the case, this a time for ALL of us to continue to espouse the virtues of MCCC and higher education in general. We need to, as much as we can, embrace, engage, and educate the entire county. That should be our mantra for this year, as we continue to transform and enrich the lives of those we serve.


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