“Honest Conversations” about Race Must Continue for Progress to be Made

Yesterday, we had a panel discussion entitled, “An honest conversation about race relations”. As I moderated, posed questions, and heard comments afterwards, I realized that these conversations are not completely “honest”. There are many who are afraid to express their opinions for fear of offending others, there are those who have opinions that they simply do not care to express, and there are those who say what they believe others want to hear. Whatever be the case, I know that these conversations must continue, for if we do not dialogue, there will be little chance of progress.

If an opinion is sincere, it is worth expressing and can be cathartic and illuminating for the one expressing it and those who hear it, respectively. But if it is simply meant to be derisive, divisive, hurtful or hateful, then it is not worth expressing. We live in a world full of so much strife and division; in order to make things better, we must realize that we are all in this together.


4 thoughts on ““Honest Conversations” about Race Must Continue for Progress to be Made

  1. There are always social pressures. Even those who do not speak are challenged to think about the topic and their place in it or, as the case may be, their role in the problem and its solutions. The value of even being a silent witness to such issues is great.

  2. It has been said that we as human beings Fear what is different and that it is an extension of the Natural instinct to Protect or defend ones self. I am nervous of all people because of painful and frightening past experiences. But, I do not let it stop me from speaking to those around me. I have learned that to grant each new person the gift of time time to get to know me and time for me also. I believe that most people have this fear and mask the fear with other emotions. White fear offending and upsetting those of another race and
    while i can only speculate as to other races i believe the fear being dismissed as inferior because of the past racism experiences they or their families have faced. I can not say this any plainer than this; We are the same inside where are hearts beat,where our eyes see the beauty in world and want to protect the people we hold dear. We are the same. But, still different and it is Good. Someone is only a stranger until you introduce yourself.
    This is just my take on the subject. Personally , I have many cultures, ethnicity, races among my family members and embrace everyone right to freedom and pursuit of happiness.
    Thank you , Theresa Howell

    • Great comment, Teresa. We are all the same and many have so much more to learn. Continuing this dialogue will help us make progress. Thanks for your comment.

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