Jonathan Brown — MCCC Upward Bound Student

I was just about to blog on Jonathan Brown this afternoon, then I walked in my office and was shown today’s Monroe News with a front page article about who else, but Jonathan Brown.

Now, you may be wondering, who is Jonathan Brown and why would the President of MCCC want to blog (and brag) on him?
Well, for those who do not know, Jonathan is one of MCCC’s Upward Bound Students. The article speaks to his acceptance to Harvard, Yale, MIT, Princeton, and other prestigious institutions, but it does not say he is one of the MCCC Upward Bound Students. It states that he is an Upward Bound Student, but that means nothing to the lay reader. Upward Bound is an MCCC college preparatory program that serves first generation underserved students. We have 110 students in the program at Monroe and Airport High Schools.

Jonathan is a humble, self-effacing MCCC Upward Bound Student who is the president of the Monroe High School Honor Society and also captain of the wrestling team. He holds a 4.0 GPA and earned a 33 on the ACT.

We are all proud of Jonathan and wish him the very best. While MCCC was never mentioned in the article, we know that we at MCCC have helped to shape and mold him.


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