Thank You, MCCC Faculty

Tuesday’s Monroe News article about Jonathan Brown states that he has been “accepted to Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Massachusetts institute of Technology, the University of Michigan, Case Western Reserve University and the University of Toledo.” They neglected to add Monroe County Community College!  Jonathan is one of our dual enrolled students at Monroe High School. We deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as any of those other institutions.  After all, we teach some of the same courses they teach, some of our faculty have the same credentials, and some of our students have the same qualifications. Granted we do not do the amount of research that they do, but we teach just as well as they do, or perhaps even better; because what we do here is teach. Here at MCCC we take many students who would not survive a Harvard or a Yale, we shape and mold them and then send them off better prepared for the Harvards and Yales.

Kudos to the MCCC faculty who work behind the scenes, day in and day out to shape and mold many students who transfer to four-year institutions or earn credentials of economic value.  As Commencement approaches, I wanted to say a special thank you to all of our MCCC faculty for their work with our students.

Thank you, obrigado, xie xie, asante, arigato, damawoo, midawasi, spasibo, gracias, merci, danka, I appreciate y’all.


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