What Matters Most

Monroe County Community College is an educational institution. I am sure you are all elated to learn that I know that. But what does it mean to be an educational institution, and in our case a community college? Well that is encapsulated in our mission – we enrich lives. We take students from where they are to where they need to be. We serve “our” community – however we choose to define “our community”.

As a community college, we are subsidized by local taxpayers and state appropriations so we can enrich and transform the lives of our students at an affordable rate – that is why and how we can afford to keep tuition low. It is imperative that we continue to focus on what matters most by putting our students and community first in all that we do. Our mission, however stated – “enriching and transforming lives”, “enrich the lives of….’, or whatever words we use, boils down to ensuring student success.  So, what is student success? It certainly includes completion of a credential of value or however the student defines success for him or herself.  In the final analysis, it is all about providing access and opportunity that leads to STUDENT SUCCESS. That is what matters most.


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