Deb Beagle — In Memoriam

On Sunday of this week, we received word that our beloved Comptroller, Debra Beagle had passed away. I could not believe it! Deb had been ill for a few months, and I for one was expecting her to recover and come back to work as part of the MCCC family. Then this? It was difficult to accept, but Deb was buried yesterday in Adrian. She was only 57 and left behind two young sons and a loving husband.

Deb was a hard worker who commuted almost an hour one way from Adrian to MCCC. She was a diligent and dedicated worker who worked many long hours – she arrived early, left late, and even came in on the weekends. She loved her job and was very good at it –she was the quintessential accountant.

Deb is gone now. In her honor, MCCC will establish a scholarship. Please continue to wear the black ribbons in her honor and memory. She will be sorely missed. May her soul rest in peace.


2 thoughts on “Deb Beagle — In Memoriam

  1. As I told Deb’s family, she was a wonderful co-worker: smart, flexible, engaged, and caring. Yes, she will be missed. Thank you for your posting. PH

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