Courtesy and Civility — Food for Thought

Courtesy, politeness, decorum, good manners, civility; call it what you will, but it all has to do with how we treat others.  That’s what’s on my mind today as I prepare for my next meeting. Every individual, no matter that person’s position or station in life deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.

Please ponder these rhetorical questions: What is the right way to respond to someone if we disagree with that person? How should students behave in class? How should we interact with individuals we do not know when we pass them on campus or in public? How should we begin an email message? Should we have private cell phone conversations in public? How do we maintain the appropriate decorum when using social media? When is it appropriate to raise your voice, especially in a professional setting? Is it that difficult to say “please”, “yes sir/ma’am”, and “thank you”?

Just think about that….


One thought on “Courtesy and Civility — Food for Thought

  1. And I would add, the capability and willingness to apologize–and then (and only then) to forgive. Everyone makes errors in civility (like everything else). But no one wants to atone.

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