X-Tech and College Night — A Good Day for Education in Monroe County

Yesterday was a good day at Monroe County Community College. We had well over 1000 individuals on campus yesterday for the X-Tech and College Night events.

The X-Tech event was a whole day event that allowed potential students, parents, and the community to come on our campus, view our Career Technology Center (CTC), sample our programs and interact with our faculty. I observed busload after busload of students alighting at our CTC and touring the facility. These potential students came mostly from our local high schools. I assure you that this event would not be the same without our new state-of the-art CTC – a boon to this county and its residents.  Before the CTC was built, I am sure there were high school facilities better than what we had.  X-Tech is essentially a Technology Open House that provides individuals with the opportunity to see what their local community college has to offer in terms of programs, facilities, and faculty.  Kudos to Peter Coomar and the ASET faculty (full and part time), and our community partners, for a job well done. I saw faculty and staff demonstrating equipment, teaching, and doing what they do best. I personally participated in robotics demonstrations – robots built by elementary and high school students who are mentored by our students and faculty. It was a good day!

In the evening, beginning at 6:00 p.m., was the College Night event. Another great service that MCCC provides to this community. Kudos to Dr. Joyce Haver and the admissions team for arranging this. Dr. Haver tells me that this is her 38th year doing this. There were over 60 colleges on our campus – this allows for all high school students to consider numerous options in terms of higher education, and for our own students to consider a variety of transfer options.

MCCC is a gem in Monroe County and we continue to provide services that no one else can provide as we attempt to take the county to a different level. If not us, then who? Indeed, yesterday was a good day not only at MCCC, but in Monroe County.


One thought on “X-Tech and College Night — A Good Day for Education in Monroe County

  1. I like to salute my faculty both full and part-time, support staff and technicians that were core of this event. This was a massive show yesterday with over 400 students in attendance. By far the largest attendance in its fifteen plus years history. Kudos to the maintenance staff also for putting up with our many requests. Joe Verkennes promoting this for this for us did a fantastic job. Student help we could not do without them, as well as the staff from the college. More detailed message acknowledging this to follow by college mail.

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