Professors Making a Difference

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a dinner event at the Public House, a local eatery co-owned by one of our alumni, Jackie Coarser, who coincidentally, has just been selected as this year’s Alumnus of the Year. You should hear her story at Commencement.

I was invited to this event by Professor Alex Babycz, who after 28 years of diligently serving MCCC has decided to retire. Alex invited me to this event because it was a celebration of one his former students’  ‘ascension’ to the ranks of Licensed Architect. Others present at this event from MCCC were Professors Gary Wilson and Ted Vassar. Both Gary and Ted have served MCCC as art professors for 45 years (almost as long as I have been alive). Gary is retiring in a couple of months, and Ted will soon follow. Among the three of them, they have served MCCC for 118 years. But their length of service is not why I am writing this blog. I am writing because of their dedication and commitment over those years to motivating and inspiring students like Jonathon to aspire to the greatest heights.

When Jonathon made his heartfelt comments about the reasons for his success, the only individuals he mentioned by name were his family members, Alex, Ted, and Gary. He gave a wonderful testimonial of the impact that MCCC and those three in particular have had on his life.

Yes, transforming and enriching lives, that’s what Alex, Gary, and Ted have done for many who have attended MCCC. The best way to do that is to take a personal interest in students like Jonathon. That’s what Alex, Gary, Ted and many other faculty have done since MCCC was founded 52 years ago. I hope the next generation of faculty can do the same for the next generation of students.



2 thoughts on “Professors Making a Difference

  1. Kudos to Alex, Gary and Ted on their wonderful contribution to our staff and caring for our students these many years! They will be sorely missed, but we wish the best for them! So many of our faculty members are here, because they truly CARE about our students. I have worked at quite a few other educational institutions before coming to MCCC, nearly 25 years ago. I continue to teach here because it is a great place to be an influence, on the generation of the future. I stay here, because I care and want to see my/our students succeed in their endeavors.What a blessing to receive a note or phone call from a student from the past, and have them tell you how much they appreciated things that were done here at MCCC for them,because we CARE. I have had many a day brightened, by running into past students while out running errands, and have them tell me how they NOW can value things they learned in my FRENCH classes at MCCC. I try to make a difference here at MCCC and appreciate being able to continue to do that. Madame Brenda Kraus, adjunct professor of French/ MCCC.

    • Prof. Kraus,
      Your dedication and commitment to MCCC are greatly appreciated. You are one of those true gems — much like Gary, Ted, and Alex. Please keep up the good work. We appreciate you more than you know.

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