A New Week Begins (TGIM)

Thank God it’s Monday (TGIM) of a new week! How many times have you heard that expression? I know I have not, but I use it because I am thankful for another week of new beginnings.  Last week was an eventful (another word for “busy” – a word that I do not like and do not use) week; it’s all a blur now. I am happy to begin another week that I believe will be less eventful.

We began last Monday with our new Board member orientation and went right into a long Board meeting. Throughout the week, we continued to celebrate diversity and concluded Arab-American Month, as our students, Mohammed Karain and Javed Paracha presented here on campus, and also at the Whitman Center. On Wednesday, we celebrated with our best and brightest students at the Honor’s Reception. Thursday, we honored two of our best and brightest faculty, Gary Wilson and Alex Babycz after 45 and 28 years of service respectively. We culminated the work week activities with the 49th Commencement Ceremony, where I witnessed faculty, staff, friends, family and the students themselves beaming with pride as they received their “credentials of economic value.” Indeed we have much to be proud and thankful for here at MCCC as we continue to transform and enrich lives in our community.  On Saturday, we were involved in the Monroe Rotary 4th Annual Superhero 5K Run/Walk to support numerous community projects. Finally, on Sunday, we held a very successful March of Dimes/March for Babies event here on our campus; there were hundreds in attendance, in spite of the cloudy skies. Thanks so much to Penny Bodell and Annette Kiebler for leading our campus efforts this year, and to Dr. Randy Daniels for chairing the Monroe County March of Dimes/March for Babies this year.

So, another week begins, no doubt it cannot be as eventful as last week, which signaled the end of another academic year. Congratulations to all of the students who completed their studies this year. For some, it’s been a long journey that concluded in their walk across the stage on Friday.  I hope their lives were truly transformed and enriched during their studies here at MCCC. As they go on to a life of work or on to pursue a bachelor’s degree, I am sure they may be thinking “Thank God it’s Monday, the journey is over at MCCC,” and today a new journey begins for the rest of their lives – TGIM.


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