Honoring the Victims of the Orlando, Florida Attack

Another senseless tragedy occurred over the weekend. The worst mass shooting in the history of the United States. Call it terrorism or a hate crime, we know that it is all fueled by hate!  I began to blog on this yesterday but could not continue because I was at a loss for words – I still am. So I will keep this brief and try to borrow some words.

Forty nine people’s lives were taken senselessly Sunday morning, and many more were seriously injured.   We here at Monroe County Community College denounce this crime perpetrated against all individuals. I have stated unequivocally in public forums that discrimination of any form is wrong!  Our deepest and sincerest condolences to the families who lost loved ones on this dark day in history.  Our greatest strength as a nation is our diversity and we must continue to embrace that diversity and work together with a common spirit in a world that is torn by so much hate and strife. It should not be this way! We are all human beings and should want the best for our fellow men. “Together and only together, can we create communities and a world with equality and respect for all.”  Even as the “haters” continue this onslaught, as for us at MCCC, we will continue to focus on “transforming and enriching lives” – that is our mission.

To honor the victims of the attack in Orlando, Florida, we will continue to fly our flags at half-mast until Thursday, June 16.



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