Summer Camps for Our Community Youth

On Monday of this week, I stopped by the culinary classroom and interacted with approximately 20 children ranging in age from 8 to 12 – they are part of the Cooking Camp. The Cooking Camp is one of many youth camps that we are running this summer to serve the youth of our community. Besides the Coking Camp, we have a Car Camp, Construction Camp, Welding Camp, Robotics Camps and many more.

While our children are out of school for the summer, it is important for them to be involved in some activities which further educate and illuminate them, even as they have fun. As a child, I can recall going to summer school a few times (that was probably to make up for those bad grades). I really do not remember being involved in any truly fun learning activities when I was not in summer school. The only organized activities were mostly recreational. The world has really changed since the early 1900’s when I was a child (anyway, it was sometime in the 1900’s). In those days we played outside, rode our bikes and had fun with our siblings and friends. Even if we were not involved in any formal activities, sometimes we organized our own. Yes, those good old days.

The world is a much different place now. Very different! It is not as safe, our kids are obsessed with staying indoors and playing video games (some very violent). In this day and age, we need to provide more creative outlets for our children, and that is exactly what MCCC is doing with its summer camps. Here’s a list of some of the summer camps being offered by MCCC:

  • Child and Babysitting Safety Camp
  • Firearm Safety Camp
  • Rifle Safety Camp
  • Science Technology Engineering and mathematics (STEM) Car Camp
  • STEM CAD (Computer Assisted Design) Camp
  • STEM Building Construction Camp
  • STEM Metrology Camp
  • STEM Welding Camp
  • Cooking Camp
  • willpower for girlPower Camp
  • Aspiring Artist Camp
  • Theater Camp
  • Guitar Camp
  • Photography Camp
  • Dissection Camp
  • Basketball Camp
  • Volleyball for Girls Camp
  • Robotics Camps (with the ISD)

These camps accept children ranging from grades 2 to 12, depending on the particular camp. While some of these camps started this week, others will begin in July and some in August. The STEM camps are sponsored by Laibe Electric/Technology, Detroit Carpentry Apprenticeship School, DTE Energy, Miller, Plumbers and Pipefitters Union, Baker’s Gas and Electric, AFL-CIO, United Way, Hexagon, Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, and Consumers Energy. Many thanks to all our sponsors.

These community partnerships are essential to the development of our youth and the viability of our community. I would be remiss if I did not note that the YMCA, and various other organizations in our community also have youth camps of their own.  If you get a chance, please stop by a few of the MCCC camps to encourage and motivate these youth.


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