Tragedies and the Law

I went to bed last night bemoaning the fact that there had been two police shootings of two different individuals in two different states. I woke up in the middle of the night to hear of five shootings of the police by civilians in Dallas, Texas. Unbelievable! Tragic! Those are all understatements. What is this world coming to? Terrorist attacks, mass shootings, police shootings, shootings of the police, all acts of violence that I am sure most of us abhor. Our hearts go out to all the victims of the shootings and their families.

The work that our law enforcement officers do is hard work. Many of them are in harm’s way on a regular basis, so we honor and appreciate the work they do. Just as in any profession, there are good law enforcement officers and there are bad ones. Most are good and work hard to keep all of us safe.

In the face of these tragic events, my advice to young people and to anyone who cares to heed it is simply this: do your best to obey and comply with the law. When stopped by the police, please just do as they say. Their job is to enforce, our job is to obey.


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