A Millage Message

Over the course of the last several months, we have sought and obtained input from all stakeholders – all three councils and the entire community, and we had a series of meetings to strategize with our entire community and campus around the millage. We have an active media campaign and have received numerous endorsements, including from united Way, the Business Development Corporation, Senior Center, Monroe Bank and Trust, the farm Bureau and many others. All our legislators are supportive and so are our township leaders.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to present to the Monroe City Council. It was a short presentation highlighting the value of Monroe County Community College and the dire needs we have to upgrade our facilities. There were no questions, however there were comments from the mayor and other council members. Every comment was positive! They provided examples of how MCCC benefits this community – that was refreshing, especially in light of some of the negatives in some quarters. By the way, we won the City of Monroe two years ago and lost everywhere else.

Even as I crisscross the county going from business-to-business and door-to-door, I hear very few negatives, have been chased by only one dog, and turned away by only one or two businesses and people. A special thanks to Dr. Ed Feldman (Trustee) for walking with me and canvassing by himself, and Chris Holmes (alumnus) and Les Austin (current student) for canvassing with me. Also thanks to Jim Ross for championing our canvassing efforts.

This millage is not only about the future of Monroe County Community College, it is about the future of the entire county, for as goes Monroe County Community College, so goes Monroe County. There are thousands and thousands of homes in Monroe County and a few people cannot cover them all. A little help would be greatly appreciated.


One thought on “A Millage Message

  1. Thank you Dr. Quartey for all that you have been doing to promote the Millage passing for all of us, the staff, and MCCC. I highly respect all that you do and stand for when it comes to your work at MCCC> My prayer is that the millage will pass, and we can continue to enrich many more lives for MCCC and our community. I’m sorry I havent been able to attend the activities on Saturdays, due to an accident I was in, about a month ago. I have constantly put MCCC and our plan to get this millage passed on my many social medias. Thanks again, “Merci Beaucoup” from my heart. May GOD richly bless your intentions, Respecfully Madame Brenda Kraus, MCCC adjunct professor of French

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