Monday Morning Musings — Millage or Million?

This past Saturday, as I prepared to begin my door-to-door campaign efforts, I reflected on the impact of what we plan to do with this millage, if it passes. I thought about the thousands of students whose lives will be enriched and transformed, and the overall impact of the impending projects on the Monroe County community, the region, state, and nation.

For some reason, as my mind drifted and as I thought about the challenges we are currently facing here at MCCC, I asked myself, if it were an either or situation (and I realize that it can be both) “would I rather win a million dollars or pass this millage?”  Anyone who knows me knows that my answer is unequivocally, undoubtedly, the MILLAGE! There is simply no comparison for me. It is a no brainer. It is all about the greater impact.  Those are simply the values I have developed as a result of my background, experiences, and spirituality.  This millage is bigger than all of us and will transform not only this college and community but the future of Monroe County. None of this is about Kojo, it is about changing the world. One million dollars would change my life, but I want to change the lives of hundreds and thousands, that’s what a successful millage will do. Its impact will be felt for the next 52 years and beyond. No, I do not want a million dollars, I want a successful millage because I care more about my college and community than I do about myself.


4 thoughts on “Monday Morning Musings — Millage or Million?

  1. I think as faculty, both full and part time, that it behooves us all to be involved with this. This is the money that will improve the buildings that we work and teach in. This will make for a better educational experience for our students.
    – Ian Dixon

  2. Thank you Dr. Quartey for all that you have been doing to promote the Millage passing for all of us, the staff, and MCCC. I highly respect all that you do and stand for when it comes to your work at MCCC> My prayer is that the millage will pass, and we can continue to enrich many more lives for MCCC and our community. I’m sorry I havent been able to attend the activities on Saturdays, due to an accident I was in, about a month ago. I have constantly put MCCC and our plan to get this millage passed on my many social medias. Thanks again, “Merci Beaucoup” from my heart. May GOD richly bless your intentions, Respecfully Madame Brenda Kraus, MCCC adjunct professor of French

  3. Madam Kraus,

    Thanks for the kind comments. I also pray that the millage passes. This thing is bigger than any one of us. “La lutte continue”
    Victory will be ours!

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