Voting Intelligently and Supporting your College

We have six days until Election Day! Last night, we held the sheriff’s town hall here at MCCC in our cafeteria. It was literally standing room only! The two sheriff candidates are, Sheriff Dale Malone and Mr. David Uhl. Our format was very simple.  I served as moderator and began by asking the audience to “vote yes!” for our millage. I then asked them to make opening statements, asked a couple of questions, and then took questions from the audience. To avoid controversy and back-and-forths, we asked the audience to write down the questions on note cards, and I read the questions. There were more questions than I could ask in the hour-and-forty-five minutes,  so I used my discretion to vet and purge the questions.

There were times during the town hall when things got a bit contentious, as would be expected.  However, overall it was civil and controlled. We ended by again asking the audience to “vote yes!” For MCCC. When I left that evening, I was much more knowledgeable of their positions/platforms. Are you? As Tuesday approaches, please go online and read more about the platforms of the various candidates so you can vote intelligently. Whatever be the case, please encourage everyone you know to exercise their vote and vote to support MCCC. While I cannot say “vote yes!” for MCCC in this email, I did say it to them yesterday in my capacity as a private citizen.



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