MCCC’s 50th Commencement Ceremony

This is to express my sincerest appreciation to all those who worked behind the scenes to ensure a successful  50th Commencement Ceremony on Friday. Kudos to Tracy Vogt and  the Registrar’s Office, the maintenance crew, the faculty, staff, and administrators who made all this possible. Indeed, there is so much work that all of you do behind the scenes.

A very special recognition to our first and second presidents, Dr. Ron Campbell and Jerry Welch, respectively. Those are two of the giants on whose shoulders I stand today. Dr. Campbell, our first president, was only 39 when he assumed the presidency of an institution that had no buildings and no students, look at us now. He is a true living legend and the one responsible for passing the perpetual millage which continues to sustain MCCC. Jerry Welch was our second president who inherited the reigns from Dr. Campbell. Jerry is the one who landscaped the campus to make it as beautiful as it is today. The building where we hold commencement each year is named for Jerry Welch; another living legend. I am glad they were both able to attend Commencement again this yea

Congratulations to Prof. Cheryl Johnston for her selection as Honorary Grand Marshal and to Nick Prush and Robin West Smith for being selected as Faculty of the Year and Adjunct Faculty of the Year, respectively. Of course, we cannot forget our student speakers, Clayton Blackwell and Jennifer Cline for doing a great job, and Bill Bacarella for being selected as Alumnus of the year.  Also a  very special thanks to Dr. Grace Yackee for presiding over the program, and to the MCCC Board for their support of this great institution.

Many thanks to all of you for making MCCC what it is, and congratulations to all our 2017 graduates whose lives have been enriched and transformed by the MCCC experience.

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