Local Elections: What a Difference a Year Makes

Local Elections: What a Difference a Year Makes

Today is Election Day. I went out and voted first thing this morning. I was relaxed, felt no anxiety, and was one of only two voters at the polling station – I was number 19 just after 8:00 a.m., after the polls had been open for an hour. Contrast that with last year when I was a bit anxious and had to stand in a long line. So what is the difference between this year and last year? Here are a few differences:

  1. Last year was a general and national election, this year is a local one.
  2. I hear the Russians tried to influence last year’s election, this year they have not.
  3. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were involved in last year’s election, this year they have decided to stay out of it.
  4. For some strange reason, I spent time campaigning last year, this year, I am taking a break from campaigning and focusing more on eating in Cuisine 1300 on campus.
  5. Last year, MCCC was on the ballot, this year we are focusing on renovating our campus.

What a difference a year makes. Local versus national, it really does not matter, we need to exercise our vote. Tomorrow we will know the results. Some will celebrate, others will know the agony of defeat. We have experienced both here at MCCC, and I prefer celebration.